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The Law Office of  Geoffrey M. Karny provides clients with high quality, business-oriented legal services in a responsive manner and at a cost-effective price.


Geoff Karny is an intellectual property attorney who helps clients solve problems, seize opportunities and create value.  He brings over 30 years of unique experience to these tasks -- experience in large law firms, corporations and government.  His many years with large law firms provided the training, discipline and commitment that are necessary to meets his client's needs.  His many years of corporate experience taught him the day-to-day business of technology companies and the pressures on senior management and in-house attorneys, especially for cost containment.  And his years of government service showed him the bigger picture of the economic and regulatory policies underlying intellectual property and technology.


Geoff's paramount goal is to provide his clients with high quality, responsive legal service that meets their needs, all at a cost-effective price.  He listens to their concerns and puts them first.  He does not hand-off projects to junior attorneys who are balancing the demands of several partners.  His clients' priorities are his own and only priorities.  He couples this emphasis on service to a commitment to excellence -- to providing a top quality work product and business-oriented legal advice.  He has prepared hundreds of patent applications and technology transaction agreements that built the foundation for, or contributed to, companies' intellectual property.  Finally, he works diligently with his clients to control IP costs.  Simply throwing a lot of money at IP is not an aggressive, or smart, strategy.  Instead, he works with clients to develop and implement a targeted strategy designed to return the highest value for the money spent.  In this context, he implements a billing philosopy that puts clients first.






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